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Nevada Driver License (NV) – OldIronsidesFakes PH

Nevada Driver License (NV) – OldIronsidesFakes PH is a new design that was implemented on July 1, 2014. Currently, there are no plans to redesign these cards in the future.

The Nevada Driver License is printed by DMV.ORG on professional ID card stock and uses a high security UV printer. It is scannable as well as readable. The Nevada Driver License (NV) complies with Real ID Act requirements for issuing driver licenses and identification cards.

Support the cause. Get your new Nevada Driver License. Featuring the official road Runner of the State of Nevada, Road Runner will be featured on a portion of Nevada Driver Licenses that will be issued to residents residing in Clark County.

The Nevada Driver License provides state-issued identification, required to prove your age and identity.

The Nevada Driver License design is part of the Nevada DMV’s “Keep It Real” campaign, which began in January 2012. The overall goal of the campaign is to use simple and effective design elements to communicate information quickly and accurately to its audience, in this case, drivers. This minimally branded design allows users to focus on its most important message – the expiration date of their license.

If you are looking for driver license that is REAL, very HIGH QUALITY and comes with a lifetime warranty then here it is. The Nevada driver license offers the most advanced security features available anywhere. It contains the highest quality laminate and printing techniques, which makes it a true-to-life duplicate of your very own Drivers License. All licenses can be processed within few days after you order them. We are specialized in producing high quality U.S, Canada and International fake or novelty ids (Such as UK fake id, Australia fake ID, New Zealand id and so on)

Don’t risk a ticket or a trip to the DMV, be prepared, with an official Nevada license!

Temporary Driver License valid for 90 days from date of issue, except for those under the age of 18 in which case you may drive on your temporary driver license until your 21st birthday.

Your proof of identity and your license.

Product Dimensions are 5.8 x 3.3 inches.

(Same as the above sample, with no change in phrases)

The Nevada (NV) driver license is one of the most easily reproduced fake identity documents. With simple editing software found on the internet, a scanned image of the license can be altered to display nearly any name, address, and birthdate entered by the counterfeiter.

Carry your Nevada driver license in style. The design is meant to resemble the state flag. Each card is printed in full color on plastic, making it a durable and useful “compass” to help you find your way around the casinos of Las Vegas.

Your real license looks just like the sample below. For example, if you are under 21, your picture will be different on your license: In addition to being renewable every four years, your Nevada driver license is very secure. As part of the REAL ID program, it has special features to prevent tampering and fraud.

You need to have a Nevada driver license to operate a motor vehicle on Nevada’s roadways. You can apply for an original driver license or renew an existing driver license at any DMV office in person. Make sure to bring proof of identity, Social Security number and residency.

Your magnetic-stripe-only Nevada Driver License is about the size of a credit card. Your personal information is machine-printed in black, and your photo is digitally encoded and printed in color. A reflective white stripe ensures that you’re easy to see at night.

This item is a Nevada driver license that has been specially designed to look very much like an actual license. Everything about it is authentic except that it lacks a magnetic strip on the back and cannot be used as legal identification. It is professionally printed on high quality paper. Each of our IDs bears the name and address of an actual licensed driver in Nevada, so they are guaranteed to be accepted by a bouncer, bartender, or clerk as legal identification. They also feature not-so-obvious security features such as UV ink, dynamic color shifting images, high resolution micro printing and watermarks.

The Nevada Driver License (NV) from the Fake ID Store is one of our bestsellers due to its high quality, low cost, and fast shipping. Designed with your security in mind, the Driver License (NV) is printed on PVC and polycarbonate which is a flexible, yet extremely durable plastic most often used in cards. We use only the highest-grade printing equipment and ink available to produce our counterfeits. All of our products are produced according to industry standards and all state-issued licenses are encoded for driving privileges for all 50 states and U.S. Territories. Each license is printed in one of several different security styles designed to make it appear as though it was issued by your state’s DMV. Our products are created using production techniques that give the license a three-dimensional appearance that is more intricate than similar flat products offered by other companies without sacrificing quality or detail.


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